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Skin Pigmentation Disorders :: How Do I Treat It?

skin pigmentation disordersSkin pigmentation disorders :: Skin is the largest organ of the body and as outer protective equipment. Skin serves as the body's defense physical mechanical and biological. Therefore, the components of cells in the skin can synthesize various biological structures such as cytokines, melanin, and its growth to maintain skin pigmentation disorders and also maintain body functions.

A very important part of the skin is to protect the body from sunlight, especially the effects of UVA and UVB rays that can cause problems such as premature aging of the skin and tumors. Skin in response to sunlight can cause reactions such as burning (sunburn) and pigmentation to premature aging. The problem of premature aging and skin pigmentation disorders much felt by women.

In this article will explain the skin pigmentation disorders and premature aging.

Skin pigmentation disorders

skin pigmentation disordersSkin pigmentation disorders can be classified into 3 parts:

  1. Hipomelanosis or leukoderma, such as vitiligo, albinism.
  2. Hypermelanosis brown or melanoderma caused by increased melanin pigment or the number of melanocytes in the epidermis, such as freckles, melasma or lentigo.
  3. Ceruloderma or hypermelanosis grayish or bluish due to increased melanin or the number of melanocytes in the dermis, as in the Mongolian spot.

Hipermelanosis cases are often found in people affected by melasma problem; because this is pretty much disorder occurs in women that can lead to lack of confidence. Definition Melasma is hipermelanosis irregular, light brown skin to dark brown in areas that are often exposed to the sun such as the face, especially the forehead and both cheeks, nose, chin, and neck.

Melasma is a form of epidermal Melanotic hiperpigmentation, but researchers at the recently proven that an increase in activity and the number of melanocytes in patients of melasma.

Cause of melasma is multifactorial such as: genetics, sun exposure, hormonal changes due to pregnancy or giving oral contraceptives or hormone treatment, the use of cosmetics and photosensitizer drug use.

Does the use of cosmetics can cause melasma? The answer is it could happen, because if the material is in cosmetics such as deodorant face, benzyl alcohol until lavender oil, hydroquinone, antiseptic, and various preservatives are as photo sensitizer can increase the formation of ROS and trigger the activity of melanocytes so that it will be a skin pigmentation disorders.

Substance hydroquinone which is widely used as a skin-whitening ingredient can cause hipermelanosis. Hydroquinone acts as a source of ROS that can damage cells and DNA. So do not be surprised if the patient is given a drug bleach hydroquinone excessive use of material would get a negative reaction (skin becomes black/burning) and will cause skin pigmentation disorders.

The most dangerous use of bleach is doing to prevent the synthesis of melanin bleaching. Melanin is a protection for the skin. Thus, if the melanin is reduced, then the skin protection will be lost and it will damage DNA If mechanical treatment is not successful, and then it is very risky to produce the mutant gene that will eventually arise skin cancer.

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That causes premature aging

skin pigmentation disordersPremature aging occurs because of skin pigmentation disorders. Here are two aging process occurs interrelated:

The process of aging is due to intrinsic factors

The aging process is intrinsically occurs because of physiological factors in the body itself. Along with age, the aging process can not be avoided.

Factors human race can affect premature aging can occur. Humans made up of various races, such as: Polynesian, caucasian, negroid, mongoloid who have different skin structures, especially pigment melanin affecting the skin color of a race. Whites are more likely to sunburn and more easily this incident occurred premature aging of the skin.

In addition, hormonal factors may influence the occurrence of premature aging of the skin. Hormones are very closely related to age, especially in women who enter menopause. In the process of menopause ovarian function will decrease, so that reduced estrogen production. With reduced production of estrogen will cause some problems, such as: breast shrink, atrophy of the vaginal epithelial cells, skin becomes smoother, skin elasticity decreases, the skin becomes dry, and the next will be a skin pigmentation disorders (cause of premature aging).

The process of aging is extrinsic factors (external factors)

Skin bleaching is done by many people especially women for skin care. There are many skin whitening products have been circulating in many stores. However, how do I choose a good beauty products and safe for the skin?The aging process can be caused by: sunlight, humidity and climate can accelerate the aging process.

Radiation from the sun is the most important factor that causes premature aging of the skin. The sun exposure is called photoaging. This situation is considered pathological because tissue damage due to sun exposure (photodamage). The harmful effect of UVA and UVB rays on the skin is the occurrence of damage to cells, tissue and certain enzymes due to the formation of free radicals. There was also damage DNA, the molecule that is genetically device, resulting in tumor growth.

According to experts, there are 80 of aging on the face is a sign of photoaging, although other factors such as smoking, alcohol, and stress also play a role in the onset of premature aging of the skin.

Premature aging of the skin may occur due to dryness of the skin. Skin dryness is common for cosmetic use that does not comply with the conditions of the skin, too frequent use of soap that uses a high alcohol levels in normal skin types, low air humidity, such as: in the mountains or highlands, wind exposure, all the events that will lead to drought skin so rapid premature aging of the skin occurs.

Prevention of Aging

skin pigmentation disordersPremature aging can be prevented by: consume lots of vitamins and other substances that act as antioxidants, substances that can inhibit the toxicity of free radicals such as vitamin E (tocopherol), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), beta carotene and glutathione. Antioxidant protection is the most effective against skin damage from the sun.

Tocotrienol is one form of vitamin E, an antioxidant activity 40-60 times larger and have anti-tumor effects were incredible. In addition, tocotrienols have a high degree of specificity to the skin. Other vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, B6, minerals, iron, znik, selenium should be consumed regularly in order to inhibit the processes that lead to collagen tissue becomes stiff and inflexible, thereby preventing the occurrence of wrinkles.

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