brown spots and skin darkening

Brown Spots and Skin Darkening - What Caused It?

brown spots and skin darkeningBrown spots and skin darkening can be a shameful problem. It can reduce self-confidence level and can disturbing a person appearance. One of the results brown spots and skin darkening may occur due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. So that, the skin's natural defense from sunlight arises because of the production of melanin which originates from the melanocyte cells. When the melanocytes give excessive quantities on the melanin, caused on by excessive sun exposure, the skin will change color to become darkened and can cause uneven skin tones.

Many people want regardless of their skin color have to face the two problems on their skin in the form of brown spots and skin darkening. To know how to effective treat these problems and prevent their further, it is necessary to grasp the factors that cause brown spots and skin darkening.

The cause of brown spots and skin darkening

Some of the causes of this skin problem brown spots and skin darkening.

The sun

brown spots and skin darkeningMaybe the most important factor that induces brown spots and skin darkening is the sun. This is especial triggered by melanin (the substance which gives color on the skin) produced in larger amount when the skin is excessive exposed to sunlight. The areas which are often affected by the sun are the face, the back and the chest, the shoulders and upper arms. In these areas brown spots and skin darkening are more vulnerable to appear because they show often in contact with the sunlight. Thus stimulating the excessive production of the melanin.

Hormonal imbalances

Other cause to brown spots and skin darkening is hormonal imbalance. Some women have faced with this problem during or after pregnancy. While others have had brown spots after treatments with different amounts of estrogen.


brown spots and skin darkeningThe time is destiny that continues to run so that gradual the skin changes would occur without mercy. Besides going to leave the deep trail of its passage on the skin, it can also affect the sightings of brown spots and skin darkening on the skin. There are many people who have never experienced brown spots all their lives. But as time passed they reached old ages, their skin is easy attacked by brown spots and skin darkening.

Acne, rashes, or bruises

brown spots and skin darkeningAcne, different rashes or bruises can leave marks on the skin. Acne is a source of brown spots, especially when the pimples are picked a continuous basis or do not care about appropriate treatment used. Moreover, scars are often leaving brown spots to occur in this case. There is also a result of a bruise does not heal completely, thus leaving brown spots.

These are the primary causes which can abandon your skin spotted with brown spots and skin darkening. It is important to know the cause emergence of your brown spots or dark skin and how to treat them. Each of these causes has a special treatment which you must do to be successful and do away these skin problems for ever.


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