Natural Skin Bleaching – Very Effective and Can Worked Fine

Naturnatural skin bleachingal skin bleaching :: The skin is the largest organ in the body and it belongs to the integumentary system. It is composed of cells, nerves and blood vessels. The skin is very important in the body because it serves as its first line of defense from pathogens and environmental stressors. The skin also helps the body regulate its core temperature. If the body is warm, the skin sweats out and make it less warm through the evaporation of the sweat. The skin also plays an important role in determining sensory stimuli in the environment which is crucial in the survival of human beings.

Therefore, a lot of people  these days want something that they do not have. White women want to have brown skin while those who have black skin like to have white skin. Most of them want to have lighter or fairer skin complexion. There are actually numerous ways in order to lighten one’s complexion; however, the most economical and safest way in doing it is to use natural remedies.

The best way to whiten one’s skin is to opt for natural skin bleaching remedies. When speaking of natural, it means that it came from the nature itself. There are no chemicals involved. These natural remedies are economical and easy to use because the ingredients can be seen just inside your kitchen. There is no need to go to a beauty shop just to have it.

Doing regular life pattern of the skin will be healthy

Natural skin bleaching-2To get a better skin color is needed throughout the holistic approach. Starting with a healthy way of life, changing your diet on a regular basis, and exercise regularly. And the most important is the habit of smoking must be stopped. Smoking can cause drastic changes in the skin to become dry and will leave a grayish color, skin wrinkles, and can cause age spots spread rapidly.

If you can combine lifestyle changes by natural skin bleaching, you’ll feel the results quickly. Your skin will feel shine and skin problems will be avoided.

Basically everything excessive is not good. For example, eating too much sugar, salt, caffeine and alcoholic beverages. According to Fredric Brandt, a dermatologist in New York City, alcohol can make the skin hydrated making it so easily dull and blotchy.

Next is washing your face before going to bed with wet wipes can cause your skin pain or tenderness. Not only that, it turns out that the procedure also makes the face is not perfectly clean. The remaining dirt makes the skin becomes prone and broken. So, you should clean your face with soap.

Therefore, leave all sorts of bad lifestyle will affect your skin.

Why should use natural skin bleaching?

Natural skin bleaching-3Do you know about mercury, retinoic acid, and hydroquinone? Yes, it is chemicals used as ingredients in cosmetics. Many countries have banned the type of circulation of cosmetics that use chemical mixture.

Let us consider chemicals such as mercury, retinoic acid, and hydroquinone, its use should be avoided. Here is a review of chemicals and designation.


Mercury is used by many people to preserve meat. Mercury is a heavy metal category. If mercury is used in cosmetics, it will cause various skin problems such as dark spots, skin irritation, allergies, and discoloration. And the most terrible, mercury can cause brain damage, impaired fetal development, and cancer.

Retinoic acid

Retinoic acid is an active retinoid derivative of vitamin A in the form of acid formed from all-trans retinol. Retinoic acid also known as tretinoin (all-trans retinoic acid) are used to treat acne. Retinoic acid is able to improve skin structure changes at a dose of 0.05 or 0.1, if more than that it will cause damage to the skin.

Many reported that the use of retinoic acid have a dangerous risk for the wearer. Side effects of retinoids is when applied to the skin will cause inflammation. Symptoms that often arises is rather hot taste sensation, redness, erythema until crusting. These symptoms will recover depends on the severity. In addition, hypopigmentation/hyperpigmentation, acanthosis (hyperplasia and abnormal thickening of the stratum corneum) and parakeratosis (persistence nuclei keratinocyte the horny layer).


Hydroquinone is a reductant substances soluble in water and is often used for the washing process of photo printing. Hydroquinone works on a system of melanocytes by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, which triggers the formation of melanin by destroying melanosomes. Though melanin serves as a protective skin from ultraviolet rays, so that we can avoid skin cancer. Use hydroquinone levels of 2% – 4%, if it exceeds 2% then it should consult with your dermatologist.

skin whitening recipes

Natural skin bleaching by making homemade facial bleach

Natural skin bleaching-4According to beauty experts, natural materials are very good for health skin. There have been many outstanding beauty products that use natural ingredients with satisfactory results. Therefore, the current natural whitening products is very loved by many people.

You can make your own facial skin bleach recipes using natural ingredients like oranges, lemons, gram flour, aloe vera, tomatoes, honey, yogurt, black gram flour, cucumber, potato, papaya etc. Most of these natural bleaching ingredients are very safe to use even on sensitive skin. Yet some people with very sensitive skin need to dilute strong bleaching agents such as lemon and papaya by adding some water.

So lets check out some efficient recipes that can bleach your skin progressively with long lasting results. Use twice a week for quick results.

Papaya, honey and lemon skin bleaching mask:

You need:
– Semi ripe papaya-about 4 chunks peeled
– 2 tbsp honey
– 1-2 tbsp lemon juice

Blend the papaya to form a thick paste. Add lemon juice and honey and mix well. Apply this mask over clean and dry face. Leave for about 20 minutes and rinse well.

Unripe tomato, gram flour skin bleaching face mask:

You need:green tomato
– one green tomato
– 2 tbsp gram flour
– 1 tbsp honey

Mash or blend the tomato to make it a smooth paste. Add gram flour and honey to it and mix well. Apply this mask on clean and dry face. Leave for about 20 minutes and rinse well. Repeat twice a week.

Egg white, lemon and honey skin bleaching face mask:

You need:
– One egg
– 1 tbsp lemon juice
– 2 tbsp honey

Beat the egg and collect the egg white into a bowl. Add lemon juice and honey. Beat well until the ingredients are mixed well. Apply this mask over clean and dry face. Leave for about 20 minutes or until dry. Wash with mild face wash and apply good moisturizer. Repeat twice a week.

Potato, gram flour skin bleaching face mask:

You need:
– One medium sized raw potato
– 2 tbsp gram flour

Peel, chop and blend the potato in a blender by adding little water to make it smooth. Add this paste to gram flour in a bowl and mix well. Add little rose water if required to make it smooth. Apply this over clean and dry face. Leave for about 20 minutes and rinse well. Repeat twice a week.

Natural skin bleaching ingredients are easy to find and get. Recipes natural ingredients that are often used for skin bleaching are: honey, lemon, rosewater, papaya, tomatoes, eggs, potatoes, and more.

skin whitening recipes

eBook on natural skin bleaching

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